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 Source Health Care Products or Prospects Outsource Special Services

We specialize in products and services for
Mail Order DME's, Pharmacies & Call Rooms

Our Product Offerings for DME include:
A Full Line of Top Quality, Competitively Priced, Reimbursable Orthotics -    A sized, drawstring style Back Brace (HCPCS L0650 OTC), a universal size Knee Brace(HCPCS L1833 OTC) with a separate suppression sleeve (HCPCS L2397 OTC) for added reimbursement and Ankle Braces (HCPCS L1971 OTC).

A Custom, Specialty Line of Orthotic Devices all designed and Patented by an Orthopedic Surgeon - ask about the Miracle Splint Pro, the Ultimate Wrist Brace cures Carpal Tunnel in more than 70% of patients without surgery, plus no other wrist device treats arthritis better (HCPCS L3916 OTC).

Plus, the patented Neck-Free Shoulder Device (HSPCS L3960 OTC)that prevents frozen shoulder.  All exclusively available from Add Sales Group LLC.

Our Product Offerings for Pharmacy include:
Diabetic Testing Supplies with high adjudication.

Our Product Offerings for Call Rooms include:
Fresh Live Feed Data - increase the productivity of your call room...stop dialing dead people, uninsured or those insured in a way that you cannot monetize.  Stop buying data that has been sold 1,000 times over.  This is first position data that is never to be resold for the same purpose.

                           Our Service offerings include:

Outsourced Doctor Chasing Services - includes QC for correct patient and doctor information, insurance verification, calls to patients, an initial phone call to MD's prior to sending a series of faxes, even a 3-way call with both doctor and patient, all the while, pushing for doctor's notes.

Compliant Prospects- people in need of Orthotic Devices whether they are Privately Insured, on Medicare Advantage or Medicare Part B. All generated by various media...TV, Direct Mail, Ringless VoiceMail and / or Internet.

Insurance Verification Platform - for verifying Medicare Coverage

CMS - Same & Similar check on all products for all prospects

Whether your company wishes to continue to grow in the Medicare vertical or if perhaps you are seeking alternative growth solutions...
Add Sales Group LLC has the answers