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Neck Free Shoulder System
& Miracle Splint Pro

A Complete Shoulder System Designed to prevent frozen shoulder and to provide maximum support and serial step down immobilization to your patients with Neck, Shoulder, Arm Dysfunction and Injury. 

THE STATISTICS:There are between 8 and 19 Million Patients with frozen shoulder being treated today. And 7 Billion Dollars are spent annually treating this difficult, painful and often frustrating problem. Do not let your patients with rotator cuff, shoulder, neck, arm injury, strokes, bursitis or chronic pain become one of them.

THE ANSWER: The DITH Airplane Neck Free Shoulder/Arm Abduction System is the first shoulder and arm immobilization device designed to eliminate neck pain and frozen shoulder!

CPT CODES for Indications for Use
• Post Operative Rotator Cuff, Elbow and Shoulder Injuries (726.1 or 840.4)
• Rotator Cuff Tear and Tendonitis at the shoulder (842.0 or 840.9)
• Adhesive Capsulitis at the shoulder (Frozen Shoulder) (726.0)
• Cumulative Trauma / Repetitive Strain Injury (354.5)
• Elbow Fractures Including Radial Head
• Stroke and CVA recovery and residual hemiparesis
• Brachial Plexus injury (Thoracic Outlet Syndrome) (723.4)
• Erbs Palsy - Brachial Plexus Traction Injury (953.4)
• Acromioclavicular (AC) Joint injury, dislocation or fracture (846.0)
• Humeral Head (Shoulder) Fractures (812.0)
• Clavicle Fractures (810.)
• Neck sprain and Strain (840.)
• Cervical Radicular pain (723.4)
• Cervical Nerve Root Injury (805.5 or 805.6)
• Bursitis about the Shoulder and Arm (726.10 or 726.33)
• Median, Radial and Ulnar Neuropathy (354.1 or 354.3)
• Arthritis (716.14)

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