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All Orthotics; Diabetic Testing Supplies; & the blood thinner Coumadin/Warfarin
DataLink Solutions
Insurance Eligibility Verification

  • Patient Verification Services
  • Real-time Access to over 850+ payers Nationwide
  • Automated Batch Eligibility Processing
  • Whether you have to verify 100 or 1,000 it can be done in a few Minutes

Best Product in the Industry!
Best Price in the Industry!

Streamline the Eligibility Verification Process
  • Access to over 800 payers nationwide, including Medicare
  • Real-time responses are returned in 3-6 seconds
  • Single inquiries, mini-batch and automated batch capability
  • Patient demographic data is stored for future use
  • Color coded responses make it easy to identify active or inactive coverage
  • Ask us about our automated batch processing from your scheduling system. Whether you have to verify 10 patients or 1,000 patients, be done in 1‐2 minutes!

Automated Batch Eligibility Processing
Whether you have to process 100 patients or 1,000 patients, be done in 1‐2 minutes!
Three Simple Steps
  • Export your demographic data to Excel
  • Upload for processing
  • Review your color‐coded eligibility responses

Claim Processing, Claim Status and Denial Management Made Easy
  • Industry leading claims processing and reporting
  • Cleaner claims = fewer rejections
  • Get your claims paid faster
  • Check claim status in single or batch mode

Electronic Remittance - Go Green – No More Paper EOB’s
  • Eliminate paper checks and EOB’s
  • Stop paper waste
  • Get your claims paid faster

Compliant Prospects from Full Service Lead Generation Companies

Stop buying cheap, non-compliant leads that are being sold over and over again!

If you are looking for a long term lead solution for your company, look no further.

Never before have you worked with a more trustworthy source for new prospects.

Never before have you received this level of quality.

Never before have your marketing monies been better spent.

Custom Campaigns developed with input from each client

Insurance Eligibility run prior to Branding

Real Time Short Form or Long Form, Live Transfer or FTP Files

Every Call is Recorded and Available upon request

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